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The following testimonials are the opinions of talented poets who have followed your personal poet's work, and are testament to the quality of the poetry you shall receive from Romeo's Magic Poetry Services:

by Angelflower

Hello, I just wanted to say that I enjoy your work and that the way you put things is very unique. I will be reading many more of your works.

Peace to you, J.

by Dramaticeyes

There are many ways to express gratitude when it comes to reading poetry like yours. I could choose to be subtle, only outlining hints that your work has touched me. Or perhaps I could be bold and tell you that many of your pieces strike me deeply, some because of their eloquent nature, others because of their strong arid sexuality. You've impressed me beyond the boundaries that I had, myself set down in place to protect my fragile emotions; however you have broken them down, with an ease that frightens me only but a little, because I am molified by your much softer words and magical turn of phrase.

I find you (and your work) absolutely fascinating and I am not timid in saying so. I am stunned by your modest profile, whereas your poetry speaks of a much prouder man. Or at least a man who should know how amazing his work is. Not only are you a deep, intelligent, and creative to the enth degree writer, but you are also a man with the most bewitching of eyes. Eyes that tell a tale of a life that I think is reflected in every line of every poem that you have penned.

I'm simply enthralled with it all, and you can expect my eyes to be on your work from now on. Saying that you are extremely talented is not saying enough, infact I feel almost muzzled by it. You, are absolutely enlightening and you allow my senses to tingle, as they have never done before. Your readers are lucky, they get to soar to dizzying heights with your words, your breath among each stanza is the wind casting us all upwards towards the heavens...

Thank you, I am indebted to you.

- Dramaticeyes.

by faded dreams

One of the most amazing gifts God gives us, the sunset. Yet, it pales in comparison to your work. You are truly gifted. I can't get enough of your writing. More I say... ENCORE!


by FaeFeverTears

When I selected your name to read what was behind; I never knew that I would be left in a world of speechlessness. You are an extremely talented writer and I must confess I have to delve deeper into your words. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world of classic thoughts and words.

by Jewlz

You are amazing. Though I usually don't comment on your work (I'm too astounded and then I forget the links), I think that you are a truly amazing poet. Good job, nothing but peace and truth for you in your life from me.


by LaylaLace

I've read three of your poems within the last few minutes, and I'm still rolling them over in my mind. You're an amazing writer, and you just found another fan.

Thank you for sharing your poetry with us!

- Dezz

by McPhail

Your poetically altered rants are completely amazing and I'm thoroughly glad that I found your page. =]

Great work.

by Sokarjo

Your genius in the world of words and thought is inspiring.


by Tam

How blessed I feel to have discovered your page. I have spent the entire afternoon reading EACH of your selections. I am humbled by your beautiful talent of pen. My journey within your words has led me to: laughter, tears, childhood, sunsets, longing for love, losing my religion and finding it again...

Your ability to paint vivid images within your words is artistry at it's best. The world is your canvas; your pen is your brush. Your profound messages are your paint. Go create the beauty you possess. And please share your masterpieces with the world.

Your talent is astounding. Your compassion is tangible and your range is truly breathtaking. I am touched. I will continue to read and enjoy everything you write.

I wish you happy, health and peace.


Tammy C. Smith

*******STANDING OVATION*******

by Zenda Lokki

After reading some of your work and being completely blown away by most of it, I have just ordered my very own copy of "Variable Dusk". I eagerly await its delivery so I may glide through the leaves of fantastic modern poetry from a Master Poet.

Thank you,