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Free Love Poem Generator

Someone special in your life? Want to let them know how you feel, in beautiful poetic language? As well as commissioning one of our fine poets to write you a personalised poem, you can now take advantage of our free poetry generator below! Just answer the simple questions and click "GENERATE!" Our MAGIC 'Love Poetry Generator' will do the rest! Please note: one word answers work best here.

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First of all, what is your first name?

And what is your special someone's first name?

Nice name ;-) So, how do they make you feel?

Love is complex. How else do you feel sometimes?

I see stars when I'm in love. What do you see? (One word; plural.)

They're obviously "great," but how would you say this word?

Here's a challenge: in one word, describe your love for them.

Now, tell us one thing you love about them, e.g. eyes.

Enter a beautiful thing. Make it plural, e.g. leaves.

Now enter something you think is AMAZING. Again, plural please.

Another challenge for you: describe their soul in one word, e.g. vibrant.

What about their heart?

You're muse is inspired! Now enter a doing word, e.g. run.

And another doing word e.g. jump.

Nearly there! Give us an emotion, e.g. happiness.

And finally, a word that helps describe this emotion, e.g. intense.

Ready for the MAGIC? Click 'Generate!' (then read the notes below)!

Though our free love poem generator is terrific, and the poem should be fantastic as it is, a machine cannot compare to the poetic nature of a human (you!). So use your free poetry as a starting point; see if you can tweak the lines a little and add your own personal touches for a truly personalised experience. When it's ready, write it into a card, or a letter to serve with flowers and chocolates; read it out loud when they least expect it; layer it over an image of you together... the possibilities are endless! Whatever you do, keep your love for romance alive! Even by visiting this page, you have proved yourself generous and caring, so I certainly wish you and your loved one the very best for your future together. David. P.S. If you haven't already, please consider liking my Facebook page: Dunkle Deed.